Welcoming all. Sharing a variety of educational resources. A safe place to explore health and wellness.

About Us

Tutu’s House welcomes all and shares a variety of educational resources in a safe place to explore health and wellness.

What is Tutu’s House?

PS-students-visit-quilters-3In Hawai`i, Tutu means grandma, grandpa, a beloved and trusted elder. Who do you go to for wisdom and healing? Where do you find welcome and aloha? The home of your beloved elder! Secure in the comfort of your tutu’s house, you relax and open to learning more about yourself, your health, and your wellness.

Tutu’s House is a

  • welcoming place
  • health building place
  • community gathering place
  • place where
    • we discover a broader definition of health that comes from people sharing and learning from one another
    • the community can reweave its unceasingly diverse threads of culture, work, income, and social context into a tapestry of mutual understanding and cooperation across the shared experience of health

Everyone has a personal path to health and wellness.

musicTutu’s House shares information to help you along your health and wellness journey. Tutu’s House educational resources include Internet access, recordings, and reading materials. The volunteer led activities, presentations, and conversations are the most valued of the Tutu’s House resources.

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With the demise of the sugar industry and the rise of the tourism and resort industry in the late 1980’s, the way of life for the Hawai`i island community was changing rapidly. The drastic social and economic changes combined with Hawai`i island residents’ poor health statistics stirred the concern of Kenneth F. Brown who called together a group of friends for an urgent task: to explore ways to make a difference in the direction and pace of development on the northwest corner of Hawai`i.

After two years of dialogue and consensus building among its diverse participants, Friends of the Future emerged and began developing strategies that demonstrated the values the participants shared.

One of Friends of the Future’s earliest initiatives, the Health and Wellness Group, felt the time was ripe to change the course of the community’s health and sought to develop a new model of health with the community leading the way. After conducting a community health needs assessment, Friends of the Future began to facilitate community members’ efforts to create a wellness resource center. Today we know that center as Tutu’s House.

As life in Hawai`i continues to change, perhaps as rapidly as it did in the 1990s, the need for Friends of the Future and Tutu’s House remains just as relevant today.

The Friends of the Future Health and Wellness Group identified these elements as necessary to facilitate improvement in the community’s health and wellness:

  • The Health and Wellness Group held their first formal meeting at the Eva Parker Woods Cottage at Kalahuipua`a on February 9, 1991.

    The Health and Wellness Group held their first formal meeting at the Eva Parker Woods Cottage at Kalahuipua`a on February 9, 1991.

    Creative educational initiatives under the broadest possible definition of “health and wellness”
  • Foster the growing recognition that ‘self-responsibility’ is the answer to good health and lower costs
  • A communications center tying together other groups working in areas of body, mind and spirit
  • Honoring each individual’s personal path to health and wellness
  • People experience welcome, aloha, and non-judgment

When Tutu’s House was conceived, it was intended to be a part of the North Hawai`i Community Hospital (NHCH) which was yet to be built. Rather than wait for the hospital to be completed, Tutu’s House proceeded and opened in the Parker Ranch Center in 1994.

Tutu’s House quickly took on a life all its own and has continued as a program of Friends of the Future.

As was intended, Tutu’s House, NHCH, other community organizations, physicians, and health care professionals collaborate to offer a wide variety of educational resources to support people in their health and wellness journey.