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May Ho`o Wala`au

The Tutu’s House monthly calendar and newsletter are available for download by clicking the links below.

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April Ho’o Wala’au

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When I first ‘discovered’ Tutu’s House in 1998, I was THRILLED. There were so many different activities that interested me!

Even though Tutu’s House activities have changed a lot since then, I still find the activities interesting!

How about you?
Are you still interested in the activities Tutu’s House offers?
What else could Tutu’s House offer that would interest you?

Here’s what I want you to do. Tell me:

  • What topics or activities would interest you?
  • When would you want it to be offered?
You can let me know by clicking on the link to the survey:
Or you can visit us for a print version of the survey.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you!
So you can start seeing more activities that interest you on the Tutu’s House calendar at the best time for you!


Tutu’s House: A Community Creation

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The test of an idea like Tutu’s House is often its sustainability.

Does the idea continue to draw attention?
Do we still enjoy benefits from the idea?
Are we willing to continue investing in the idea?

If you’ve participated in a Tutu’s House activity, you probably already know there is generally no fee. This policy was set in place so all would have the opportunity to achieve better health and make better life choices.

Support from individuals like you is critical to the sustainability of Tutu’s House.

You can keep the music flowing, knowledge growing, and health happening with a monthly, quarterly, or annual donation

$19.58 helps Tutu’s House hana hou for one month for one person
$58.74 helps Tutu’s House hana hou for three months for one person
$234.96 helps Tutu’s House hana hou for a whole year for one person

September is a great time to make an investment in Tutu’s House! That’s when Tutu’s House will once again participate in Foodland’s Give Aloha program.

Please make a donation to Tutu’s House at Foodland during the month of September. The Give Aloha program will match a portion of your donation. Like a good investment, your donation will grow!

Aloha `oe

Kenneth Francis Kamuokalani Brown On Friday, February 7, 2014, Friends of the Future Founder and Board Chair Kenneth Francis Kamuokalani Brown passed away at his Diamond Head home. During his 94 years, he was many things to many people ~ a talented architect, a political leader, a patron of the arts, a cultural resource, a businessman, a convenor of diverse groups, a mentor, and a friend.

His quiet, constant encouragement served as a foundation and compass for hundreds of today’s leaders. Each of us who was privileged to spend time with him has been deeply impacted by his wisdom, vision and dedication to the land, the people and the planet.

Tutu’s House would not be possible without Mr. Brown’s passion for, and belief in, the community’s ability to chart its own course to health and wellness. In the early days of Friends of the Future, many discussions revolved around the qualities of a healthy community; it was one of those conversations that connected Earl Bakken to Friends of the Future’s work and to his charge to improve the health-related quality of life for those who live, work, and play here.

As Chair of Queen’s Health System in the early 1990s, Mr. Brown was a tireless advocate for Tutu’s House and secured the initial funds that made Tutu’s House a reality.

In a January 5, 1998 fax, Mr. Brown wrote:

“The folks at Tutu’s House continue to give me inspiration and hope. With love,”

With love KB

We extend our gratitude and aloha to Mr. Brown’s wife, Joan, and his entire ‘ohana; they served as the foundation for his life of service.

Show Your Aloha with Give Aloha

GiveAloha LogoSeptember is a great time to show your aloha for Tutuʻs House. Make a donation at any Foodland or Sack N Save and the Give Aloha program will match a portion of your donation. You can Give Aloha at Foodland or Sack N Save through out the month of September.

What will your donation do?
First, it grows! Give Aloha matches a portion of your donation.

Now, think of all the reasons you enjoy Tutuʻs House activities.
Your donation helps
Tutuʻs House continue to be here for you and
us offer a special place where
… you feel welcome and comfortable
… you enjoy a variety of fun, fascinating and satisfying ways to learn more about health
… you feel renewed and empowered to make better health and life choices

Visit a Foodland,Sack N Save to see how easy … and heart warming… it is to make your Give Aloha donation to Tutu’s House.