Welcoming all. Sharing a variety of educational resources. A safe place to explore health and wellness.

Tutu’s House: A Community Creation

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The test of an idea like Tutu’s House is often its sustainability.

Does the idea continue to draw attention?
Do we still enjoy benefits from the idea?
Are we willing to continue investing in the idea?

If you’ve participated in a Tutu’s House activity, you probably already know there is generally no fee. This policy was set in place so all would have the opportunity to achieve better health and make better life choices.

Support from individuals like you is critical to the sustainability of Tutu’s House.

You can keep the music flowing, knowledge growing, and health happening with a monthly, quarterly, or annual donation

$19.58 helps Tutu’s House hana hou for one month for one person
$58.74 helps Tutu’s House hana hou for three months for one person
$234.96 helps Tutu’s House hana hou for a whole year for one person

September is a great time to make an investment in Tutu’s House! That’s when Tutu’s House will once again participate in Foodland’s Give Aloha program.

Please make a donation to Tutu’s House at Foodland during the month of September. The Give Aloha program will match a portion of your donation. Like a good investment, your donation will grow!